Dr. Rashmee Sharma

In 1990, Dr. Rashmee Sharma, a celebrated journalist, editor, educationist, and award winning author, was teaching English literature at a university in Washington State - where she all too frequently overheard her students making disparaging remarks about Indians as nothing more than cabbies and gas station attendants.

As a result, Rashmee, a US correspondent for the Femina Magazine, became driven to combat these stereotypes and educate Americans about the diverse and often stellar contributions of the South Asian community. She went on to conduct exhaustive research, digging up press coverage of the world's foremost POIs. Armed with the wealth of her findings, Rashmee, who had become a founding member of India Arts & Heritage Society, commenced a mission that continues to this day.

Born in New Delhi, and raised in the famous pink city of Jaipur, Rashmee graduated form Rajasthan University and completed Ph. D. in American Literature from the University of Washington.