RMG Coffee Table Book

Our mission at Roshni Books is to point our lense upon those men and women who, through their achievements and contributions to the global community, create Roshni. Light. Light bright and expansive enough for us all to gather beneath—peacefully united.

And like light, what radiates from our achievements in our careers, in our families, and in our communities, radiates far beyond we South Asians— touching other careers, other families, other communities, and all nationalities.

In opening a Roshni book, we hope to share that light with you.

- Dr. Rashmee Sharma, Publisher, Roshni Media Books

It is with enormous pride that we share with you the third book in our series of award-winning titles focusing on South Asian success and success secrets: Roshni: Global & Emerging Leaders, a book that celebrates 301 of the planet’s most prolific entrepreneurs and leaders in finance, media, technology, culinary arts, and more. We go behind the curtain to reveal the family history, childhood struggles, and academic challenges that shaped who they are today. We present, in their own words, the career path they walked and how it led to their current achievements. How do we finish each exciting chapter about global leaders? With a chapter dedicated solely to those emerging global leaders—men and women who we are certain will soon be atop the list of the most successful people in the world.