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Dr. Rashmee Sharma

Dr. Rashmee Sharma


Roshni Media’s Global and Emerging Leaders author Dr. Rashmee Sharma is an award-winning poet, author, educator,and a celebrated journalist recognized globally. Her journey, just like the many uplifting stories in this book, is remarkably inspirational. At a young age, Rashmee lost her husband, who was serving in the Indian military. In the late 80’s, she decided to move to Seattle with her two young children. Her mission was to complete a PhD in US literature and provide a new environment and a fresh start for her children. Her first book of poems, Amber in the Ocean, garnered various nominations and recognitions.

While teaching at the University of Washington, Rashmee sensed a distinct lack of cultural awareness amongst her students regarding the amazing achievements of the South Asian community. In a quest to remedy this lack of awareness, she spent hours in the library collecting documentation. As a result,

Rashmee, a US correspondent for Femina magazine, among other branches of the news media, became driven to combat stereotypes and educate Americans regarding the diverse and often stellar contributions of the South Asian community. She went on to conduct exhaustive research, digging up press coverage of the world’s foremost thinkers and achievers. Armed with the wealth of her findings,

Rashmee envisioned creating the first-ever compendium of South Asian accomplishments and founded Roshni Media company back in 1999.

Her longtime friend Ms. Manee Kamboj joined forces with her to establish Roshni Media as a prominent organization worldwide. Roshni Media’s objective is to provide a platform for inspirational leaders from all walks of life to be recognized globally.

Along with her partner, Ms. Manee Kamboj, she founded the Autism Foundation RAYWA. Twenty years after, the Roshni Media group is now a multimedia platform that is dedicated to celebrating diversity worldwide while raising funds for their Autism foundation. This unique mission, which started as a means to increase American awareness of South Asian achievement, has evolved to including raising awareness of diversity on a global scale.

While accomplishing these goals, Rashmee nurtured and educated her children as a single mother,

providing them with the best opportunities, so that they would be able to become well-adjusted, high-

achieving individuals in society. Gaurav, her son, is a successful attorney in Seattle, and Neeti, her daughter, is a physician in Chicago.

Currently, Rashmee is simultaneously writing two new books: one on autism and another on poetry.

Rashmi’s poems have been published in literary journals, globally.

With a strong belief in karma, Rashmee now lives in Palm Beach, Florida, with her successful entrepreneur husband, Shalley, who shares her mission. They have been blessed with a wonderful extended family comprising Gaurav, Neeti, Neil, and Maya, along with Meghana and Dia.

Rashmee simply loves life and believes in harmony and balance. She is an avid reader.

Mani Kamboj

Mani Kamboj


I am on a quest to touch as many lives as possible to transform communities and learn from them how to live meaningful lives! ~ Manee Kamboj

You never fail because you never give up ~Manee Kamboj

As a Senior Executive at a Japanese Multinational Bank, Manee Kamboj is a self-described accidental entrepreneur, unconventional executive, critical innovator, by-the-skin philanthropist, and Sprouting Film Producer. She also co-owns ROSHNI Media Group and RAYWA Foundation along with her long-time friend Dr Rashmee Sharma. Roshni Media’s inaugural awards program in North America, the TIA Awards, was initiated by her with guidance and leadership, and it was launched at The Pierre in NYC on May 29th, 2015. In addition to leading globally as a senior executive in the banking industry, she also sits on the board of several small-to-big nonprofit organizations. that backs efforts to educate children and empower women. RAYWA (Raising Awareness of Young Women with Autism) is a cause that Manee and her partner Dr. Rashmee Sharma hold dear.

In addition, she held the position of President of NetIP NY, which had a membership of 4000 professionals from NY, NJ, and CT. NetIP is a well-established Indian professional networking organization that has 24 chapters and nearly 41,000 registered members in the USA.

She is also an integral part of the Columbia University Social Work committee for Syrian Refugee project.

She made her debut as a director on Roshni Media’s ambitious project, producing a TV series about inspirational achievers called ‘Shining Light of India’ for the leading News Channel of India “Times Now.”

The production leadership team for a Hollywood autobiographical movie that is based on the book ‘Grey Wolves, White Doves’ places her at the forefront of the team’s work.

Manee obtained her executive certification from The Wharton School and holds a Master’s degree in Computer Applications. Having various certifications in Mutual Fund Advisory, she has also achieved many UNESCO and UNO Certificates at a very young age.

She has been featured on cover page of Leading DNA “Me” magazine in India as “Young Entrepreneur” and “Natural Beauty”. 

She was recently honored with a Women’s Achievement Award during Women’s History Month for her contribution in supporting and Empowering Women initiatives in NY, NJ, and SF. She has been recognized by Senate of NY and CA. 

She has received recognition for inspiring leadership at multiple platforms in both the United States and India. Her unparalleled achievements have led to her being featured on magazine cover pages, from “50 most influential people in the US” to “Beauty with Brains.” She has been trained in Bihu dancing, a form of Indian Assamese folk dance.

Manee is a believer in continuous learning and giving back.  Nish Kamboj, who graduated from Harvard and is a successful tech entrepreneur, has been a staunch supporter of Manee through all her endeavors. Their pride stems from the fact that their children, Divina Kamboj and Ranveer Singh Kamboj II, are enrolled at The Horace Mann School, one of the top American schools.

She and her family reside in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York.

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