About raywa

Our Mission

2024 Gala

Our Vision

We hope to land job opportunities for women with autism, and provide women with autism the tools and resources they need in order to live a productive and independent lifestyle, after secondary education. RAYWA aspires to allow every young women to have an equal opportunity to thrive in life, and offer their skill sets to the world.

Our Story

RAYWA is a non profit organization founded by Rashmee Sharma and Mani Kamboj, two women who are determined to supply job opportunities to young women who have been diagnosed with autism. Finding post secondary governmental support seemed impossible to find for Sharma, and her step-daughter who suffers from autism. Sharma focused intently on this issue, and decided to dedicate herself to researching ways to provide women with autism the means to land jobs, and receive education past high school. RAYWA plans to achieve this vision by reaching out to organizations that support women who need extra assistance past their high school careers. It is possible to give women with autism the boost they need, by connecting their families to the right resources.

Our Mission

Our mission is to focus on families and young women who require post secondary support. We are set on raising awareness about these women who require extra support beyond their high school career. RAYWA is  enabling them with right educational and vocational tools that match individual talent.