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In 1990, Dr. Rashmee Sharma was teaching English literature at a university in Washington State. She frequently overheard her students making disparaging remarks about Indians as nothing more than cabbies and gas station attendants. She became driven to combat these stereotypes and educate Americans about the diverse and often stellar contributions of largely diverse and Asian community. She began doing exhaustive research, digging up press coverage of South Asians who were at the top of their various fields, which she then shared with everybody she knew, including her students. Rashmee also thought it was important for her children’s generation and those to come to understand the rich heritage that continues to develop around the world, and on which they can build their own legacies. The idea for the Roshni books took root.

Rashmee formed a team of research assistants, graphic designer, and marketing executive. They began scouring the United States for success stories to share, and the result of their early efforts was Roshni, the Light of South Asia. It took thousands of miles of travel and many hours of networking and interviews, but the book was released in 2005. It was an award winning first ever comprehensive documentation of a unique historical perspective on inspirational biographies of successful South Asians in the United States. Roshni book was globally launched including USA, Canada and India. The book received appreciation from the President of India and other prominent global leaders.

Rashmee always knew the Roshni legacy would be endless, so there will always be another book to produce. A second book was necessary to include some of the diverse inspirational individuals in the United States who didn’t fit into the first book, and to bring in some of the heroes who had made their own success in Canada as well. Rashmee brought in senior editors and research team to help with the composition of the profiles, and a new book came to life. Roshni, the Light of South Asia: North American Edition was launched in October 2012, the book received much recognition and due to extreme demand is in the process of second reprint.

In 2013, while working on her upcoming book on Global & Emerging Leaders, Rashmee met with Mani Kamboj as prospective Roshni honoree. Mani – a young visionary leader in her own right – as a partner in software firm and a Hollywood film producer eventually ended up sharing common objectives and vision with Rashmee. Mani Kamboj is now a partner and President of Roshni Media Group.

Together Rashmee & Mani recreated and reinvented the company while keeping the core vision & mission of creating global diversity awareness.

Under Mani Kamboj’s initiative Roshni Media Group now via multiple platform is poised to announce Roshni Awards Gala 2015 in May at the hotel Pierre in New York City. The third and most ambitious book on Global & Emerging leaders- featuring of our Roshni honorees will be launched at the Awards Gala.

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