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Welcome to Roshni, the Light of South Asia!

In 2001, what began as a quiet gathering of inspirational South Asian men and women, evolved into Roshni Media’s institution of globally celebrated South Asian luminaries.

From that pivotal point and beyond, Roshni Media Group has consistently strived to deepen the global understanding of the merits of cultural diversity—and its impact on all aspects of our community. And through the Roshni Book Imprint, our “One World” mission is realized through publications that illuminate the biographies of a wide spectrum of diversity and talent across an amalgam of disciplines, including art, literature, music, fine art, photography, finance, technology, science, medicine, entrepreneurship, and more—in form of a sleek, black-boxed coffee table book authored by Roshni founder Dr. Rashmee Sharma.

As Roshni Media completes its third book on diverse inspirational emerging leaders who have carved their own niche in diverse disciplines, and who are ambassadors of diversity in and of themselves, it has begun its fourth book of yet more stewards of achievement who deserve publication.

Today, the Roshni legacy continues, we look to a future where our celebrations of achievement and vision remain the mission, and the light, of our organization.

Roshni: The Light of South Asia


A global celebration of South Asian luminaries.

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